Rabun Bald Trail in Georgia ~ Want Some? Get Some!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rabun Bald Trail in Georgia

It seems like most of my life I've read about people doing cool stuff while I've been just working and playing basically in my yard. I have the spirit of an explorer, but I haven't been following that spirit.

F that S.

Starting now, I am going to start doing the stuff I like to read about. What do you want to do, Scott? What event or activity could you participate in that would make you stop whining like so many children at a Wal-Mart during Christmas time?

My first 100 mile race.

I'm going to do the Pine to Palm 100 race in Ashland Oregon in September. It starts out with a pretty long climb, so I've been looking for some of those around here. A tall climb I found that is about 25 miles from my house is Rabun Bald in Georgia. At 4696 feet, it stands as the second tallest peak in Georgia. The trail from the Forest Service Road runs about 2.9 miles, so I thought, "What the Heck?" and set on my way on Saturday.

My original goal was to run up to this trail head and just slog up the mountain, take some pictures at sunrise, and jog down. Basically, I was going to try and do this as a hill repeat 3X. Well, I started out running, but that didn't last for very long. As you can see from my Garmin, I ended up with a 24:11min/mile average pace and whipped as I was, called a day after one rep. I learned what I needed to learn from this mountain and left the rest of the day to let it sink in.

1.Went past the trail a little bit when driving down the gravel road in the dark. That paired with my impromptu squat in the woods while lost contributed to me missing the sunrise.
B.My lack of fitness dissappointed my watch.
Thirdly. It was 27 degrees and windy as a Congressional hearing.

Uno. I moved so slowly and stopped so often I got to take in some wonderful views.
Deux. I got a great workout with virtually no impact to my joints and whatnot.
叄. The time and temp toughened my temper

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