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Friday, December 16, 2011

Screening JB Benna's Unbreakable: The Western States 100

Well, I went up to Asheville the day before yesterday to the Altamont Brewing Company for their screening of the JB Benna film Unbreakable:The Western States 100. That was my first time at Altamont and it was a cool West Asheville vibe on a 62 degree day. It had the open garage feel with a table tennis setup, a disc golf target, and a stage.

They set up the movie on the stage with a projector and around 50? folks showed up to take it in and drool. Even local celebrity Jennifer Pharr Davis and her husband Brew showed up and let me have a picture with them!

Anyhoo, the movie was very balanced. It showed the competitors gathering their gear together at home, nervously chatting at the packet pickup, and interacting with their crews and significant others. The race footage was definite "eye of the tiger" material with amped up music that I'm happily surprised did not result in a spontaneous run after the show. Also mixed in was footage of a shirtless Gordy Ainsleigh retelling the running of his first Western States. The movie had a balanced mixture of all the previously mentioned elements and while I'm sure it had a shortcoming or two, between the race battle footage, awesome scenery, and the camaraderie of an audience filled with wonder and beer, none come to mind.

Great Job JB Benna and West Asheville's Altamont Brewing Company. If you haven't had a chance to check out JB Benna filming/running a mile following Geoff Roes and Uli Steidl click here.

Also, DVD presales of the film are at

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